Mathew Bittleston, S.E.

Consulting Structural Engineer, San Francisco, CA

Mathew Bittleston, S.E. is a San Francisco, California based structural engineer with experience in large and small domestic and international projects. The firm started in 2006 and focuses on medium and small projects in and around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Mathew is licensed in California as a Structural Engineer and a Professional (Civil) Engineer, and has a degree in both Structural Engineering (Architectural Engineering) and Architecture. He has additional training in ATC-20 post-earthquake evaluation, for which he is registered with the Office of Emergency Services as a disaster service emergency worker. Mathew Bittleston, S.E. is listed as a "Micro LBE certified firm" #HRC051416377 with the San Francisco Contract Monitoring Division.

Mathew's goal is simple, effective designs and he prefers collaboration and coordination with the contractor/builder throughout design and construction. Please see 'project list' for a listing of past project experience.

The sketches on this page are from our travels in Italy, Spain, England, France, Scotland, and New York. A different image should load each time you come to this page. In my free time I make furniture for around the house, and sometimes for friends.

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