Mathew Bittleston, S.E.

Structural Engineering

Mathew Bittleston, S.E. has worked with Architects, Building Owners and directly with Contractors for the design of new buildings as well as additions and renovations to existing buildings. He has worked on projects ranging from residential remodels to large healthcare and school replacement projects. Mathew has extensive experience designing both wood frame and steel buildings.

Seismic Retrofit & Evaluation

Mathew Bittleston, S.E.’s experience includes both seismic evaluations and retrofit designs, based upon both code forces and performance based design methodologies. Most work has primarily focused upon performance based evaluation and retrofit guidelines, but code-based and client-developed criteria are also common, especially for residential retrofits. He has worked on evaluations and retrofits ranging from historic buildings to partial residential soft story upgrades.

Through involvement in SEAONC’s Existing Building Committee, Mathew has remained current on the recent developments in seismic evaluation and retrofit. He has been working with performance based seismic design methodologies since their early developement as FEMA documents.

Mathew Bittleston, S.E. can assist you with both choosing an appropriate evaluation and/or retrofit design approach, and with the actual analysis and design.

DSA & OSHPD Projects

Working with the Division of the State Architect (DSA) or the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) requires knowledge and experience with the numerous, sometimes subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle, differences in building requirements enforced by these agencies. Mathew Bittleston, S.E. has experience working on school, community college and hospital projects in California.

Consulting & Shop Drawing Review

Often workloads for structural engineering firms are unpredictable. This is especially the case during construction, when shop drawings may arrive and have very short turn-around times. Mathew can provide short term assistance to structural engineering firms with shop drawing review, or on an hourly as-needed basis for other structural engineering tasks.

Residential & Commercial Buildings

Mathew Bittleston, S.E. can provide structural design services for both new and retrofit residential projects, except condominiums. He has experience with new construction of custom residences as well as renovations and additions to existing buildings.

Often small projects are started and come upon a structural issue that requires the assistance of a structural engineer: Mathew is happy to provide advice during construction for both building owners and contractors; especially for projects located within San Francisco.

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